Most companies underestimate the importance of professional photography when representing their business. Here is a recap of a past blog, explaining a few advantages of using a commercial photographer.

A professional photographer can help you achieve the results you want by:
• Listening carefully to your requirements
• Selecting the best location and background
• Using professional lighting techniques
• Advising on the type of clothing that will work best for a portrait session
• Being aware of and sensitive to the feelings of those being photographed, and ensuring that they feel comfortable
• Highlighting the advantages/disadvantages of a particular choice of shot and advising you accordingly

You will benefit from:
• A consistent style which runs through all your marketing material, whether it be your website, brochures, newsletters etc, and one which supports your business image
• Professionally lit portraits at all times
• An ongoing relationship with a fellow professional, that should allow you to engage in an honest exchange of ideas and feedback
• Professional presentation of all your images, which includes color correction, retouching and resizing to suit your requirements


Baer Performance Marketing would now like to cut through some of the misconceptions and answer some questions you might have as a business owner.

Is there a consultation where we can go over ideas?
We will set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss your goals for the project and talk about locations, number of shots needed, types of shots as well as go over a layout of how the images will be used.

What will the project cost?
During our initial meeting, we will go over the quote which will be designed for your project. A typical shoot will have line items such as travel time, time spent on location, as well as time spent editing. We offer a Corporate Usage License with all of our shoots. This gives you the freedom to use the photos in any means you wish, from your website and magazines all the way to billboards.

How many hours does the average shoot take?
Each shoot is inherently different. Some companies are looking for simple headshots which might only take an hour or two, and other companies are looking to revamp their whole website with new imagery. These shoots can take a whole day between setup and tear down of lighting equipment. On average, the shoot takes around three hours. Once the shoot is over, the job is not complete. Now the editing starts, where we really draw out the image we are looking for. This part of the process normally takes about one business week.You will then get your images on a disc for proofing. If any additional shots or editing need to take place, we would then schedule another time to shoot.

Do you include prints?
We have a working relationship with a photography print lab out East. Whether you are looking for individual prints or big wall-hangers as decorations for your office, we can get the products you are looking for.

If you have any more questions or hesitations, please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss some of the available options.