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Blog Post By: Emily Bangen, Baer Performance Marketing Intern Is your business looking to create a new, dynamic type of advertisement? Consider incorporating video into your marketing strategy! A well-made video takes time and planning, but if you follow the five steps below, you’ll surely be on the path to creating content that’s a hit! […]

Blog Post By: Kali Kraft, Baer Performance Marketing Intern   Facebook video ads are a great way to capture the attention of your target customers. Millions of people will have access to your video on any given day. They might seem easy to create, but social media provides unique challenges, and Facebook video ads are […]

“The war for talent is over, and the talent won.” Over the last twenty years, there has been a much anticipated shift in power between job recruiters and candidates. In many job markets, candidates can afford to be picky. They come into interviews prepared with a list of must-have benefits and often have identified a […]

Do you ever open up Facebook and think, “Okay, what’s different today?” We bet you have. It is hard not to when these social media platforms are constantly making updates to how things function. While it may confuse us at times, the changes are intended to make the platforms easier for us to use or […]

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks have forever changed the way we share information. However, the roots of social media behavior can be traced back to an activity most learn at a very young age: show and tell. To effectively harness the power of these mediums, social media managers need to go beyond just sharing […]

Blog Post By: Ian J. Jennings, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Baer Performance Marketing If you use Twitter or read internet news of any sort, you’ve probably heard that Twitter has reportedly decided to stop counting links and photos against the 140-character limit currently imposed on tweets.  This will be the first change to the […]

The following is list of video topic ideas to integrate into social media video campaigns: 1. Answer a question or questions your potential customers frequently ask. If you’re keeping track of the questions coming in through social media and email, it’ll be easy to conclude which questions are being asked the most. Address these questions for your customers with clear and concise answers. […]

Have you ever noticed how much time you and your family spend looking at social media on a mobile device? There’s absolutely nothing unique about that because nearly every modern family in America does it. According to digitaltrends.com, the average American looks at their social media accounts at least 17 times a day! That boils […]

In the early days of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, the businesses who took advantage early enjoyed much lower costs and rules, ultimately resulting in more sales. For those of you that missed out on cashing in on the early days, you now have a shot at cashing in on the next big thing: YouTube. A statistic […]