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Like many fields in today’s workplace, marketing is collaborative. If you’re employed by an agency, you will likely find yourself working very closely with colleagues. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn from others while expanding your skill set, but it’s possible you’ll hit a few bumps in the road. Differences in personality and the […]

Blog Post By: Ian J. Jennings, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Baer Performance Marketing   “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative,” or so said David Ogilvy, the father of modern advertising. What he meant was simple. Marketing and advertising exist to sell, period. Creativity is great. Anything can be designed to look or function […]

Every business has multiple aspects to it, and businesses run more efficiently and cost effectively when all aspects work in tandem. Your marketing strategy is the same way. Spreading the same message, in the same tone across multiple channels is a key component to your business’ branding.   A tanning salon with multiple locations and […]

The act of giving a company or entity that is not a human access to your mobile phone expressly for the purpose of marketing is a deeply personal act, demonstrating the trust a company has built with your customers. By texting a keyword to a shortcode (five digits, rather than a normal ten digit phone […]