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Inbound marketing is all the rage right now. It’s hard to talk marketing or business growth without the term coming up. But what is it? Is it new? Is it possible for small or medium sized businesses to do it? How hard is it? Is it affordable? Moreover, will you ever understand it? No. Yes. […]

  Blog Post By: Ian J. Jennings, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Baer Performance Marketing   Choosing the right marketing agency can be a career defining (or destroying) move for any business owner or executive. Things like SEO, content marketing, social media management and media buying all seem daunting to the manager who has a million other things on his or her plate. […]

In today’s tech-driven marketing world, it’s important to conduct regular performance check-ups on your business’ website.   Why are website check-ups critical? Being listed at the top of organic search results will increase web traffic and enhance the results of your business’ comprehensive marketing strategy. However, those coveted slots are difficult to obtain. Through Baer Performance […]

The world of marketing is ever-evolving.  From year to year, techniques and strategies change like the direction of the wind.  What is even scarier?  Some techniques change by the day!  Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) continues to grow and learn the newest techniques that are available to our clients.  These not-so-new “digital” ways were once unchartered […]

With a little over 10 million new users signing up during a “trial phase” in a little less than two weeks, the future of social media is here, and it’s not named Facebook. Its name is Google+. To put this crazy growth into contrast, the official Facebook timeline from Facebook.com shows that from Facebook’s creation […]