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Blog Post By: Kali Kraft, Baer Performance Marketing Intern   Understanding your target audience is a necessary step in implementing any marketing strategy. If you want your message to resonate with consumers, it needs to be targeted towards their preferences. Knowing your audience helps you to understand what kinds of things they want out of […]

The most important time of the year for retailers is fast approaching! In the U.S. alone, holiday retail sales are expected to increase 4.5 percent from last year’s $658.3 billion. So, how can your business ensure this season will be jolly?   Put together a marketing schedule. After you’ve finalized a marketing strategy and determined […]

Blog post by: Drew Rhodes, Baer Performance Marketing Intern What is brand awareness? Investopedia defines it as the “extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.” Brand awareness is important when launching new products and services, and it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating […]

Blog post by: Amber Brownlow, Baer Performance Marketing Intern   Bigger, better, faster, right? Today we are so caught up in the results that we often ignore the process. This leads us to make decisions too quickly, get impatient when we don’t get immediate results, and we find ourselves frustrated that our efforts didn’t work […]

Baer Performance Marketing client The C.A. Lawton Co. (Calco) has come a long way since its beginnings as a small manufacturer of a bran dressing machine, growing into an industry-leading supplier of large castings. Though its business model has changed since its early days, one thing has not: its reputation for delivering quality, on-time solutions alongside high-touch […]

Blog Post By: Aaron Baer, President of Baer Performance Marketing Failure to attract the listener’s attention Most of us have had a teacher who spoke in a monotone voice that drove our heads right to our desks for nap time in class. This is the effect you want to avoid in your advertising. Craft a […]

The development of a marketing strategy is critical to the success of any business regardless of size. Similar to a business plan, a marketing strategy will help you focus your efforts and determine where and how to spend your budget. The process involves looking at your business’ strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, and target market. A […]

For many, sitting in front of a computer to write something can be a little daunting. Maybe you get flashbacks to the all-nighters you spent writing term papers in college. Or maybe writing has always been a task outside of your comfort zone. Regardless, developing or updating website content is a necessary evil in ensuring […]

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It’s a saying you have probably heard before, but is it still valid in today’s world of marketing? Don’t get me wrong, being able to see the bigger picture is always an important quality in marketing. However, the bigger picture cannot be built without the small stuff. In marketing, hammering […]