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Applying for an internship? Smart decision! College internships help students develop valuable professional contacts and are a powerful addition to any resume. It will show you have experience in a specific field and that you put in the extra effort to gain this experience by juggling the position with school. With that in mind, there […]

The world of marketing is ever-evolving.  From year to year, techniques and strategies change like the direction of the wind.  What is even scarier?  Some techniques change by the day!  Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) continues to grow and learn the newest techniques that are available to our clients.  These not-so-new “digital” ways were once unchartered […]

Blog Post By: Airi Hosaka, Marketing Intern About Reactions: Facebook added a new feature called “Reactions” at the end of February. With this feature, users can express their emotions with more than just the well-known “Like” button. In addition to the traditional “Like” button, users can now choose from ‘love,’ ‘haha,’ ‘wow,’ ‘sad,’ and ‘angry’ […]

Here’s an article from this month’s Company Magazine by Aaron Baer.  For inexpensive but effective marketing tips from Baer Performance Marketing, read on. Marketing is necessary for businesses of all sizes and can be done effectively regardless of budget. As we become more and more dependent on rapidly changing technology, the options for marketing your […]

Life is unpredictable. If you live anywhere near Northeastern Wisconsin, you know this.  The weather here is absolutely wild.  I mean, take a look out the window. What was your commute to work like this morning? Little something like this, maybe? I can tell you, I had a rough time.  Drove down the slushy streets […]