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Applying for an internship? Smart decision! College internships help students develop valuable professional contacts and are a powerful addition to any resume. It will show you have experience in a specific field and that you put in the extra effort to gain this experience by juggling the position with school. With that in mind, there […]

By: Dylan Buboltz, BPM Public Relations Intern One of my Communication professors would simplify what public relations means in one short phrase: Communicating with many “publics.” It’s safe to assume that in order to be a successful PR professional, you need to know and understand how different groups of people think, and then look at […]

An internship normally has professional goals, tasks, and field-learning experience. However, when an internship opportunity educates you about yourself, then you have truly found a very special experience.  Working with the BPM team has been a blast and has given me a closer look at the marketing and business world as well as myself as […]