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Online advertising has grown considerably in the past couple of years. If your business is not allocating any budget online, odds are you are feeling the pinch. With all of the options for advertising online, such as Google AdWords and all of the other social media platforms, Facebook might be the easiest to use if […]

As an advertising agency, we are often asked, “How can I measure my campaigns to make sure they are working?”  Most clients are used to advertising in traditional media, such as newspaper, radio and television.  Unfortunately, traditional media doesn’t have an effective source of tracking. On the other hand, with today’s digital advertising platforms, there […]

Baer Performance Marketing client The C.A. Lawton Co. (Calco) has come a long way since its beginnings as a small manufacturer of a bran dressing machine, growing into an industry-leading supplier of large castings. Though its business model has changed since its early days, one thing has not: its reputation for delivering quality, on-time solutions alongside high-touch […]

The rumblings are true, Google has done away with advertising in the right column of search results.  Before you call your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, let us explain what that means for your business when using Google AdWords. Google put this new strategy into effect two weeks ago, and there are some good points […]

In the early days of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, the businesses who took advantage early enjoyed much lower costs and rules, ultimately resulting in more sales. For those of you that missed out on cashing in on the early days, you now have a shot at cashing in on the next big thing: YouTube. A statistic […]

1. What is the cost involved when using Google AdWords? Many business owners have the same perception about online advertising. Most feel that it will be quite expensive to get into; this is often not the case. With all Pay-Per-Click campaigns, your business will only be charged when a potential customer clicks on your ad […]