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Online advertising has grown considerably in the past couple of years. If your business is not allocating any budget online, odds are you are feeling the pinch. With all of the options for advertising online, such as Google AdWords and all of the other social media platforms, Facebook might be the easiest to use if […]

“The war for talent is over, and the talent won.” Over the last twenty years, there has been a much anticipated shift in power between job recruiters and candidates. In many job markets, candidates can afford to be picky. They come into interviews prepared with a list of must-have benefits and often have identified a […]

Facebook is THE social media network of our time. There is no social media outlet that has allowed countless businesses to find their niche in today’s online arena better than Facebook. However, ask any business nowadays about their take on Facebook, and their tune may have changed a little. Facebook over the past couple of […]