Blog post by: Kali Kraft, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


As the holiday season approaches, people are searching high and low for the perfect gifts, and that includes scrolling through Instagram. Make sure your products are in the mix by optimizing your company’s Instagram page with these few quick tips.

Cross promote your social media

If you already have a following on other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), utilize it to the fullest, and send them over to your Instagram page. You know they already like your brand, so offer them another way to connect with you socially. However, make sure you have some unique content on all sites so people have another reason to follow you.


Pick a hashtag to promote

Choose a hashtag for your brand, and invite people to post using that hashtag. This makes it easier for people to find posts about your company and also exposes your brand to all of that user’s followers. You can re-post the shared images, which provides more content for your page that requires no work from you AND encourages followers to use the hashtag because they could be featured on your page!

Your page can also generate new content for different seasons, holidays, or company promotions by creating a new hashtag specifically for posts on a certain campaign. For example, Starbucks is encouraging followers to use the hashtag #GiveGood for the holiday season, a reference to their holiday-themed cups.


Post at the right time

Research shows that on average, the most successful times to post on Instagram are at 2am and 5pm. However, the best times to post vary by day and are different for each profile. Instagram analytics, a tool for business profiles, allows you to see what times your followers are most active on the app. You can use the information to help you decide what time posts would be best for your audience


Get interactive

If someone tags you in a photo, comments on your post, or uses your hashtag, take a second to respond to them. Whether it’s a clever comment or a simple thank you, it can help create a bond with a follower who could become a promoter of your brand.


Aside from creating a relationship with your followers, go out and engage with the people you want to follow you. Search popular hashtags that would attract your audience, and like, comment on, and follow what you find. The more active you are, the more likely people are to see your profile and posts.