Blog Post By: Ian J. Jennings, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Baer Performance Marketing In small business and especially in small cities, acquiring customers can quickly become a zero-sum game. You’re competing for a finite and stable number of quality customers with several similarly situated companies nearby. To the average prospective customer, your product or […]

  Baer Performance Marketing…I know, long name, right? (Exactly why we and a lot of others refer to us at BPM) This Thanksgiving, I wanted to expand on why I chose to include “performance” in our company name and how it relates to the Thanksgiving holiday. When I worked in radio, I got the opportunity […]

Black Friday:  the day high-strung, bargain-hungry shoppers wake up unreasonably early (or stay up unreasonably late) to save on holiday gifts Consumers spend the day seeking out great deals on everything from electronics to Victoria’s Secret underwear, and stores, regardless of size, make drastic markdowns on prices to boost sales and ensure a nice piece […]

Blog Post By: Emily Martin, Marketing Intern Guerilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics. The term originated from guerilla warfare, which was used to describe nontraditional war tactics such as sabotages, raids, and elements of surprise. Similar to guerilla warfare, guerilla marketing requires a great deal of imagination as well […]

Many times, when business owners think about marketing, they compare their company to bigger, well-known brands or franchises and make excuses about why they aren’t investing in developing their brand because “it’s different for bigger businesses who have million dollar marketing budgets.” However, the value and the fundamentals of marketing are the same for small […]