What if a business could target individuals digitally, regardless of their searches and cookies on their computers?  Recently we (BPM) partnered with a company that will allow us to provide hyper-targeted marketing which will minimize waste, increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).  Here are some staggering statistics on IP-targeted campaigns:   *50 – 100 times […]

Whirlwind Post Holes & Fencing, LLC of Appleton, Wisconsin, provides fence installation and post hole drilling for residential, industrial and commercial properties. Whirlwind is an expert in all fencing, from wooden privacy fences and picket fences to chain link dog runs and security chain link fences. They also provide post hole drilling services year round. […]

The rumblings are true, Google has done away with advertising in the right column of search results.  Before you call your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, let us explain what that means for your business when using Google AdWords. Google put this new strategy into effect two weeks ago, and there are some good points […]

When inquiring about the newest ways to attract customers, businesses always asks about the main social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, they always forget about one of the biggest social networks there is: YouTube! Ask any marketer and they will tell you a growing trend in marketing is using video within your […]

In the early days of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, the businesses who took advantage early enjoyed much lower costs and rules, ultimately resulting in more sales. For those of you that missed out on cashing in on the early days, you now have a shot at cashing in on the next big thing: YouTube. A statistic […]

Google AdWords/SEO Trends   Extensions – Extensions are a type of ad format which enhances your text ad campaigns. These extensions come in a wide variety of formats, including site link, callouts, reviews, locations and calls to name a few. The purpose of these extensions is to offer the searcher numerous ways to access exactly […]

This year’s holiday season is upon us. We have already started noticing the Christmas displays going up at local stores right next to the Halloween displays. Whether you like the holidays or not, this year is going to be one for the record books…the advertising/marketing record books, that is. Online strategists have forecasted this year […]

1. What is the cost involved when using Google AdWords? Many business owners have the same perception about online advertising. Most feel that it will be quite expensive to get into; this is often not the case. With all Pay-Per-Click campaigns, your business will only be charged when a potential customer clicks on your ad […]

Banner advertising can be defined as “a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top or bottom of a website or down the right or left sidebar.” The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or get visitors from the host website to visit the advertiser’s website. And while we agree that banner […]

Baer Performance Marketing is proud to announce that we have reached Google Partner status!  This journey started two years ago when Google launched their Partner program.  Google states, “Every business should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Every day, agencies and web professionals work with businesses big and small to bring […]