Design is not just about creating pretty things, it is about effectively communicating with the viewer. Visual hierarchy is a tactic many graphic designers use to achieve a layout that gets the right message across and is appealing to the eye.  Below are the five components of visual hierarchy: scale, color, contrast, alignment, and proximity. […]

Whether they are little cartoons living in our heads, or a complex system involving both physical and psychological components, emotions are powerful. We experience many types of emotions every day, and they have a strong influence our actions and decisions. These decisions include the people spend time with, the food we choose to eat, and […]

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”- Brian Reed Look around at your coffee mug, your pen, this blog. All were designed, but were they designed well? Does it even matter if it was designed well? Yes, it does. Let’s say you are going to renovate your home. One of the first things you […]