Blog post by: Kali Kraft, Baer Performance Marketing Intern   Blogging is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to boost business and enhance your marketing efforts. Despite the variety of newer online content formats, blogging remains a valuable tool for engaging with customers and building brand awareness. Here are 3 reasons why starting a blog […]

Consistent blogging is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive traffic to a website, build brand awareness and provide prospective clients with valuable information. It is critical to building a successful digital marketing strategy, regardless of a business’ size or industry. Some Quick Stats Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads […]

With the amount of chatter surrounding how effective the social channels of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are within an online marketing strategy, many business owners are often surprised by the fact that the vast majority of their web traffic still comes from Google and other search engines. And even with this knowledge, many are perplexed […]

Blog post by: Ellen Joppe, BPM Marketing Intern   A blog is a good way to position your brand, develop relationships, and present what your company is all about. However, you’re less likely to do this if there are a limited amount of readers!   Here are some ways to increase blog traffic:   Send […]

  What is blogging? Blogs mean different things to different businesses and different authors, but ultimately it is the ability to create an engaging and meaningful relationship with a target audience. In business, blogs are typically created with the goals to improve communication with employees and clients, strengthen a brand, and enhance a marketing plan. […]